Monday, August 28, 2006

Just when I thought bizarre behavior could no longer shock me

After living in the city so long, I often think that nothing can surprise me anymore. I have seen so many bizarre people and bizarre things that, even when I see something newly weird, I am usually not shocked.

On Saturday I went to a movie with a friend. After the film we went to the restroom. This particular restroom has 3 sinks, two on one wall, and one perpendicular to them. I saw a woman by the single sink, so I went to the wall with two sinks. I washed and dried my hands, I turned around, and I saw the woman was still standing there. She must be waiting for somebody, I thought. As I walked passed her to leave I saw that she was doing something. I only glanced quickly as I walked by her, and it looked like she was doing something, perhaps dipping a makeup brush into some blusher. I kept going, but I noticed that my friend, who was standing behind the woman, wasn't leaving. She was just standing there. I turned and looked at the woman again. That wasn't makeup. That wasn't a makeup brush; it was chopsticks.

She was eating sushi.

In a public restroom. At a movie theater.

She was using chopsticks to dip a roll in some sauce.

I stopped in my tracks. I couldn't move. I was in shock. She was eating sushi in the restroom! My friend later told me she made eye contact with sushi lady in the mirror and started laughing at her. Sushi lady mumbled some sort of explanation to me, but I didn't hear any of it. I just walked out.

When I eat lunch at work, and I stop in the restroom on my way back to my desk with a can of pop in hand, I always feel a little weird. Do I bring the can into the stall? Do I leave it on the sink? Either way, I usually feel pretty grossed out by it. I can't even imagine eating a meal in the restroom.


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