Sunday, February 24, 2008

055/366 - Not smart

Not smart

The weather in Chicago was relatively nice for February. The key words in that last sentence were "relatively" and "for February." Apparently the high temperature this afternoon was in the upper 30's. Compared to recent weather that's nice. But, really, it's not all that warm.

I arrived at the Starbucks on the corner of Lawrence and Broadway a little after 1:00 pm. From the time I arrived until the time I left a few hours later there was a steady stream of people who were coming in to get warm drinks who were waiting to get into the Riviera for a concert tonight. It seemed as if most of these people did not have coats on. Many wore just hoodies, some had only short sleeves. They came in to get a warm beverage and/or use the restroom, then went back out and stood in line. I'm guessing doors were at 5:00, so some of these people were there for a few hours. Without a coat.

As I said, it's nice day for February, but...

I've stood in line before general admission shows many times. Most of the venues I go to have coat checks (I don't recall if the Riviera does or not), or I try to get in early so I'm along the barrier and can lay my coat on it. At first I thought maybe I'm getting old, but even at a young age I don't think I stood in line for a show in winter without a coat. What are these kids thinking?

Clearly I took this picture from inside the Starbucks, given that you can see the dirty window marks in the shot.


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